11+ & Pre Test Interview Practice

11+ & Pre Test Interview Practice

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One-to-one course providing four online interviews with four experienced mentors - each passionate about boosting confidence & securing school entry success.

Tips, practice and feedback are provided at each session, along with advice on how to conduct oneself in an interview. 

We also provide parents with ideas and games to carry out at home to further assist their child's preparation for 11+ and Pre Test interviews.

 Key Facts: 

  • 4x online, one-to-one sessions (1x 1hr session, 3x 30 minute sessions)
  • Each mentor offers extensive insight into school entry methods & interview skills
  • Held on Kings Tutors' popular online learning platform. This is free, easy to use and fully compatible with all mobile, tablet & desktop devices
  • Ideal for 11+ and Pre Test preparation

Client Feedback:

  • "Fabulous... it is such a confidence boost"

  • "This greatly improved his confidence & self-expression. Since joining his new school he has been extremely successful in public speaking and debate, I have no doubt his strength in this areas originated from the work he did with E"

  • "Utterly brilliant. Goodness knows how she eeeked any sense out of a slightly tired & distracted boy"

For any queries regarding the course, please don't hesitate to contact us by email (click here) or phone (0203 0960 384).

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