Past Courses

We are constantly updating our program of courses in accordance with time of year and topical subjects. Below is a selection of past courses. 
If any of these are of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+44 (0) 203 096 0384) or by email (here).


What is Art?
An exploration of the most iconic examples of art through the ages, identifying their shared & unique attributes
11-13 year olds
Murder Mystery
Build your critical thinking by analysing evidence to make a hypothesis & solve the crime!
11-14 year olds
Debating Workshop
How to build arguments, form analysis and provide support for your point of view.
14-16 year olds
How To Win An Argument
Discover why you need to do the Five Cs: Calm, Clarify, Concede, Contest, Compromise!
11+ year olds
GCSE English: Learn Literary Devices
Explore common literary devices, examples & their purposes. Includes similes, metaphors, oxymoron, assonance, antithesis, repetition and pathetic fallacy.
14-16 year olds
Ancient Greece: A Crash Course 
Journey through one of the most fascinating ancient civilisations. We delve into Greek mythology, inventions, thinkers & the roots of the Olympic games.
6-11 year olds
Coding Workshop
Programming is a mixture of learning and practising the fundamentals (variables, functions, classes) and applying these tools to build incredible things. This workshop will help you learn new concepts and/or practise what you already know in the context of building a fun text-adventure game.
A fun workshop for any age or ability
Horrible History: The Black Death!
Interesting facts about one of the most interesting and gory periods of history.
11-14 year olds
How To Kick Start A Career In International Relations: 16 years +
Find out how to break into the notoriously difficult-to-enter sector of international relations - as explained by someone who has done it himself!
One of our tutors has worked for some of the world’s major international organisations including the OSCE, EU and the Carter Center. His work has taken him to observing electoral violence in Gabon, writing briefs for the desk of the Prime Minister in London and supporting US President Jimmy Carter’s work on the Ebola response. He is a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and has studied at Cambridge and King’s College London.
16+ year olds. Series of 3 workshops
Write your own song with a professional!
Want to get creative and find your inner songwriter? Or want to sound like your favourite artist? Or are you more of a wordsmith who wants someone else to put music to your words? Try it all with a professional songwriter and composer for theatre, specialising in electronic music and pop.
11+ year olds
Maths Club
A fun and interactive maths club.
Separate options for 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11 year olds
Spelling Bee
A competitive spelling test in a Who Wants to be a Millionaire-type format
13+ year olds



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