About Us

"Provide engaging, inspiring & life enhancing educational courses"

... this is the collective aim of Kings Tutors Club.

 Launched by the award-winning London education provider Kings Tutors, our courses are uniquely designed to ensure optimum twenty first century skills for children and young adults.

Recognising the success of bespoke learning and the ever-growing demand for vital life skills (confidence, resilience, initiative, motivation and clear communication to name but a few), each course is tailored to enhance success - both inside and outside of school.
We recognise that no two students are the same. All students should, however, have the tools to be able to fulfil their potential both now and in the future.
By combining expert consultancy, tuition and mentorship, Kings Tutors Club works closely with both child and parent to help achieve this.
Don't take our word for it - here's a snapshot of what others have said about us this year...
For more education services and to find out about bespoke programmes, please visit our parent site www.kingstutors.co.uk