8th Skill of Christmas: Geography

When world leaders celebrate the importance of particular academic subjects, all of us at Kings Tutors jump for joy. Who better to encourage children’s learning than prime ministers, presidents and other global authorities?
Did you know that former President Barack Obama once participated in the National Geographic Bee to “celebrate the important role that geography plays in all our lives”?
We couldn’t agree more! This brings us neatly to Kings Tutors8th Skill of Christmas: Geography.
Geography is a vital way of making sense of the world around us. In this digital era of sat-nav, Google Maps, City Mapper and other online ways of getting from A to B, it’s refreshing to return to a traditional map to help understand our surrounding location, community and culture.
We therefore caught up with Sophie Millington, map-enthusiast and founder of Atlas & I. All of Sophie’s gifts (from clocks and cushions to prints and passport holders) feature a personalised map of your choice. A stylish way to enhance geographic knowledge from the comfort of your home… 


Find out Sophie’s top tips for boosting your children’s Geography skills this Christmas (and why she’d take our ‘Learning to Code’ course…)

How can parents help encourage their children’s Geography skills over Christmas?

Children (and parents!) love games at Christmas. When you add an educational element to the game, even better. Our personalised map jigsaw puzzles are ideal for boosting Geography skills. Once your family have completed it, help your child work out where your home is, what it’s near, how far you are from school, the park, a friend’s house etc. Focusing on all of this enhances great map reading skills and general orientation – plus it doesn’t event feel like learning!

Atlas & I Jigsaw Puzzle


Which Atlas & I gifts do you most recommend for Christmas 2020? 

I would recommend the Atlas & I Personalised Walking Print. It can portray a couple or family over a real map of your favourite dog walk. For many, a family dog walk is such an enjoyable and energising aspect of Christmas. Like all of our products, this print features an antique map that you can customise to a specific part of the UK. We've never met anyone who doesn't love old maps, and by personalising it to your favourite place it provides unique charm and history.

Atlas & I Personalised Walking Print


Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

“Learning to Code”. Running your own business means you have to know lots about technology – so I know I’d find this course very helpful.



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