7th Skill of Christmas: Problem Solving

2020 has undeniably been a year of unprecedented change. Be it in school life, work life, home life, social life, it’s all been quite a roller coaster!

A key concept that 2020 has highlighted is the importance of adaptability. Those who can recognise an unexpected obstacle, adapt their approach accordingly and actively deal with the issue at hand will invariably fare better than those who stick rigidly to old ways.

This power of constructively taking initiative marks our 7th Skill of Christmas: problem-solving.

At Kings Tutors, we’re always looking for engaging and entertaining ways to enhance problem-solving skills among children and teenagers.

Enter Joe Jaques: 8th generation games maker of Jaques of London – the family-owned British company renowned for inventing Croquet, Ping Pong, Snakes & Ladders, Snap, Happy Families and many more of the world’s favourite games. Their Let’s Learn range, developed by UK teachers, is jam packed with educational benefits.

We chatted to Joe about his top tips for problem solving skills & how he’ll be spending his Christmas (hint: a lot of games are involved…) 

How can parents help encourage their children’s problem-solving skills over Christmas?

The development of problem-solving skills can be aided in a whole host of ways. Engaging in family board games, such as Chess, Draughts or Snakes & Ladders, is a perfect way to enhance these key skills in a fun and relaxed way. The ability to solve problems depends entirely on your kids’ abilities to reason and to think logically, to concentrate, to seek multiple solutions and to maintain the self-confidence and resilience to carry on - even when they feel challenged.

Board games help to develop all of the aforementioned skills as they often require reasoning, careful judgements of opponents’ moves (as well as one’s own), the ability to focus, the ability to foresee obstacles and the ability to follow instructions.


Which 3 Jaques games or toys do you most recommend for boosting problem solving skills?

My top 3 this year would have to be Draughts, 2-in-1 Play & Learn Tumble Tower and Let's Play Deluxe Score 4. Each one actively engages young minds in practising problem solving skills, as well as building curiosity, developing nimble fingers for fine motor skills and bolstering their self-expression and social skills.


Draughts; 2-in-1 Play & Learn Tumble Tower; Let's Play Deluxe Score 4.


What is your favourite family game to play at Christmas?

Our ultimate family game/activity at Christmas has to be jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaws are perfect for all of the family – and the choice available is massive. At Jaques of London, we offer a special Christmas range precisely for the festive holidays.


Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

This is a really tough decision! If I had to pick one it would be "What is Art?". Creativity and self-expression are so important.


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