6th Skill of Christmas: Sleep

At Kings Tutors, nothing is more important to us than helping a child reach his or her potential. Good quality sleep is key to this.
Given sleep’s extensive impact on all aspects of development, (from physical to mental, intellectual to emotional), we’re delighted to recommend SLEEP as our 6th Skill of Christmas.
Whether your child is revising for national exams or preparing for school interviews, a good night’s sleep will undeniably affect how they perform. Enhanced concentration, sharper memory, greater clarity of thought, more energy, more motivation – the benefits are endless.
Where better place to start with encouraging your child’s sleep than in their bedroom?
We spoke to Lucinda Croft, Creative Director of the prestigious Dragons of Walton Street - an extraordinarily talented team renowned for transforming children’s rooms in exquisite ways. Read on to discover her top tips on ensuring a brain-boosting bedroom, a sleep-friendly set up and why she’d choose our Creative Writing course..

What are your top tips for designing a child’s bedroom to encourage sleep?  

From my experience, a calming colour palette is key for encouraging sleep in any child's bedroom. Equally, it is important that toys, books, school bags and all other children’s bits and bobs are tided away and stored properly. Generous desks or bureaus with spacious compartments and several drawers are ideal for this. The key is to prevent any distractions when trying to nod off to sleep!



A recent Dragons of Walton Street project.


How can parents create a suitable environment for both working and resting in a children’s bedrooms?

Many children now work in their rooms after school or in the holidays. I would recommend one of our bespoke computer desks. It's perfect for working through piles of homework or revision, yet designed to easily hide these away when it’s time for bed. 


Bespoke Children’s Computer Desk


Which two Dragons Of Walton Street products do you most recommend to support sleep this Christmas?

Of course, our beds come top of the list when it comes to giving children a good night's sleep! Our Oliver bed is the perfect starter bed for you child, it comes with side panels to stop your little ones rolling out and extremely useful storage drawers below. 

Lighting is also incredibly important for encouraging sleep. Our night lights give off a soft, warm light which encourages relaxation when they're getting settled for bed. 


Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

"Creative Writing". Everyone needs to inject a bit of creativity to their lives, especially at the moment!


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