5th Skill of Christmas: Play

As aptly put by none other than Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research”.
Here at Kings Tutors, you’ll never hear us dismissing ‘play’ as frivolous fun. If anything, it is the perfect vehicle for education – an enjoyable, engaging way for children to learn, to explore, to develop new skills and to form social connections with others.
From board games with rules and numbers to make-believe worlds where imaginations run wild, so many forms of play help establish invaluable social, physical and mental skills.
How can parents encourage educational play at home? We caught up with the inspirational Sophie Mirman, founder and CEO of iconic British children’s brand Trotters, to find out exactly that (and why she'd choose our GCSE Physics course)...
Sophie, who counts Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year and Motivator of the Year among her many accolades, is passionate about enhancing children’s lives. Whether you’re in Knightsbridge or Kensington, on Kings Road or Northcote Road, be sure to pop in to one of her brilliant children’s stores (taking your lead from Trotters’ super-fans, the British Royal Family).


How can parents encourage their child to ‘learn through play’ this Christmas? 

Children are generally much more capable than we give them credit for and learning through play is so important. Participating in activities with them is satisfying, educational and children love the time and attention spent with them. The trick is to put yourself on the same level as the child you’re playing with and to give them your undivided attention.


What is your favourite game to play with the family over Christmas?

My children are aged from 27 to 34, so fierce games of Monopoly, Scrabble and Bananagrams tend to take centre stage!


Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

GCSE Physics. Sadly, I didn’t concentrate enough on this subject at school as my lack of confidence in all science subjects precluded me from believing I could succeed in this area. With the wisdom of time, I now appreciate how important Physics is and how many things, such as the design of toys, involve physics.

Which are your Top 3 Trotters gifts for encouraging play this Christmas?


Djeco Play Dough Activity Pack

I am a great fan of arts and crafts, as is Frankie, my 20 month old granddaughter. We both love the Djeco Play Dough Activity Pack. Modelling dough is not only satisfying but also therapeutic and we get hours of fun with this. It’s brilliant for keeping active little (and big!) ones calm for quite a while.



Bernie The Ride On Bus

Our wooden Bernie The Ride On Bus is also a firm favourite. Made from sustainable wood, it ensures a smooth ride and turns in all directions. Its removable seat means little ones can store all their favourite treasures inside and take them with them wherever the bus ride takes them.



Harry The Giant Panda Cub

Harry sits on one of my kitchen chairs and enjoys cuddles from children and adults of all ages. He likewise doubles up as a very soft, very comfortable pillow!


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