4th Skill of Christmas: Manners

We’ve all heard the time-honoured phrase, “Manners maketh a man”. What if Kings Tutors were to tell you that manners help maketh a child?
What do we mean by this? Aside from cultivating cheerful and respectful communication among families, friendships, sports teams, class mates and wider networks, manners can be critical to a child’s self-confidence.
Likewise, manners are of tremendous benefit to strong interpersonal skills, not to mention aptitude for calm negotiation, persuasion, emotional intelligence, leadership and social influence. All of these are key workplace skills – so much so that the World Economic Forum have counted them among the Top 10 Job Skills for 2025.
Who better to find out more about this vital skill than Debrett’s? Founded over 250 years ago, Debrett’s is the undisputed leading authority on modern manners.
We were thrilled to speak to Rupert Wesson, Director of Learning at Debrett’s, for his top tips on manners, confidence, communication - and why he'd choose our 11+ Interview Practice course …

Why are manners so important for young people today?

It all boils down to confidence and consideration, and it’s applicable to those of all ages. In short, a knowledge of manners and how to put them into practice allows individuals to feel confident in any scenario, from formal dining environments to job interviews. What’s fantastic about confidence is that once you feel comfortable and at ease in yourself, you can relax and be considerate to others – this in turn puts those around you at ease too.

How can parents encourage manners over Christmas? 

It’s a fantastic time of year to put good manners into practice, and there are so many opportunities to do so. While you certainly wouldn’t want Christmas Day to be dominated by the constant enforcement of etiquette rules, the basics around pleases and thank yous and table manners can be encouraged by simply leading by example. That’s not to say the odd reminder might not be needed here and there, but generally speaking if the rest of the family or guests are displaying good manners, it’s likely that children will intuitively pick up on this and want to do the same.



Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

The 11+ & Pre Test Interview Practice. It fosters similar skills to our Debrett’s esteemed Etiquette Academy, which specialises in workplace confidence, professional public speaking, job interviews, plus dining and hosting etiquette. The Kings Tutors interview practice seem to share our passion for coaching individuals on clear and concise communication – but where Debrett’s helps adults stand out from the crowd; Kings supports children in these invaluable skills.



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