3rd Skill of Christmas: Creativity

For the 3rd Skill of Christmas, Kings Tutors gave to me: CREATIVITY.
For many, the word ‘creativity’ conjures up images of paint pots and pencils, sculptures and sketches, crafting and cutting, sticking and sewing…  the colourful list goes on! This is all true, but they all have one vital ingredient in common – “creating”.
Creativity is essential for today’s children and tomorrow’s future workforce. Indeed, LinkedIn Learning state that, “Creativity is the single most important skill in the world”. The World Economic Forum 2020 likewise rated it one of the Top 10 Job Skills of Tomorrow.
How can we encourage creativity in children and teenagers?
We asked Chrissie Probert-Jones, founder of eatsleepdoodle and its eponymous doodling gifts (including the award-winning ‘Doodle Duvet’) for her top tips for Christmas creativity.



Why is creativity particularly important for young people today?

Anything creative you do to widen children’s horizons now will open up new opportunities for them in the future. From baking bread to putting furniture together, choosing garden plants to helping paint a room; all will help build their treasure trove of inspiration – plus vital confidence in their own ability to create and achieve their desired result.

Innate creativity is something really invaluable that sets us apart. Giving your child a freedom pass to design, to dream up, to write, to make, to create is probably the most amazing Christmas gift you can give them. 


What are your top tips for parents seeking to encourage creativity over Christmas?  

Of all Christmases, this is the one where making everything extra special, individual and loving is going to be so valued. This in itself paves a wonderful path for getting creative juices flowing...

  • Make really personal cards together for relatives or friends you can’t see due to restrictions
  • Celebrate the Christmas countdown by encouraging each child to create their own calendar which they can then tick off
  • If you can bear it, hand over the Christmas table theme and design to the children for them to create personalised paper placemats, place cards, crowns and more.


Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

Creative Writing”. Story writing begins almost as soon as children are able to hold a pencil and make letters. Anything we adults can do to facilitate the huge pleasure creative writing gives is great, whether that’s by providing their favourite tools, the right environment, or an extra opportunity like this dedicated writing course. 


What are your Top 3 eatsleepdoodle gifts for Christmas 2020?


Colour & Learn World Map Tablecloth



Fairy Tales & Legends Placemat ‘To Go’



Colour & Learn Space Explorer Pillowcase


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