2nd Skill of Christmas: Handwriting

At Kings Tutors, we are passionate about encouraging a child’s learning in its entirety – particularly those skills which benefit so many other aspects of a child’s development. Handwriting is one of these.
Did you know that the process of learning to write in turn boosts a child’s general aptitude for literacy, numeracy, small motor coordination and even emotional intelligence? 
We spoke to the inspiring Surlender Pendress, who, as co-founder of Love Writing Co., is on a mission to help children love writing from the start. Find out Surlender’s top tips for Christmas learning – from writing activities to our ‘Calm Clear Confident’ course…


How can parents help boost their child’s writing skills over Christmas? 

Children often want to avoid anything that sounds like homework during the Christmas holidays. I recommend focusing writing activities on what your children are most excited about… Christmas itself! This can include making up Christmas stories, writing family name tags for Christmas dinner, creating your own decorations and, most importantly, writing a letter to Santa!
Download Love Writing Co.’s Letter To Santa template for free here


Which Love Writing Co. gifts do you most recommend this Christmas? 

Where to start! I’d say my Top 3 for Christmas 2020 are…
Better Writing Pack (ages 6-9)
The perfect gift for children who started Key Stage 2 this year. Designed in line with the national curriculum, it’s packed with fun and engaging activities, plus special pencils to enhance grip and comfort.
These meaningful gifts encourage children to enjoy sending handwritten notes, while also practicing letter formation, phonics knowledge and developing pencil control.
Gifts which double up as fun activities are definitely a bonus over Christmas! Our Learning to Write packs are filled with everything your child needs to start their writing journey in a way that feels like play.

Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

‘Calm Clear Confident’ seems like a great choice for parents who are feeling confused and worried about schooling amidst Covid-19. Flexibility and reliability are two things a lot of people definitely need at the moment, and the course seems to have plenty of that, plus guidance on the ever-changing situation in schools is so valuable for parents when it comes to education this year.


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