12th Skill of Christmas: Reading

For our 12th and final Skill of Christmas, we're celebrating: READING.
It is no secret that all of us at Kings Tutors are avid readers. Novels, biographies, poetry, the daily newspaper... the list goes on!
Reading has long been regarded as bringing wonderful benefits to the brain - whether it be for work or pleasure. Even the infamous military leader Napoléon Bonaparte endorsed the wider benefits of reading, saying, "Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world."
Without further ado, read on to find out what the insightful Margaret Wallace-Jones and Tony West, both co-owners of the prestigious Alligator's Mouth, Richmond, say about the benefits of books, both at Christmas and beyond.
Endlessly praised by local residents and media alike (from Country Life to the Huffington Post), The Alligator's Mouth is an enchanting independent children's bookshop in Richmond, London. Likewise based in South West London, it's a natural reading haven of choice for Kings TutorsWe're thrilled that they'd choose our Creative Writing course!

How can parents encourage reading skills this Christmas?

Read to your children! Read together for pleasure! Other ideas are:

  • Make sure there’s a book in their stocking and make it a tradition
  • Start a story that will take you through the winter. Make it a story you will all enjoy and get some advice if you are stuck on what to read
  • If you find it daunting thinking about starting a book of many chapters, introduce them to Asterix, or Phoebe and the Unicorn, or the Little Book of Thunks, starting you in a direction you might not expect

The journey through the libraries of the world has begun...


Why do you feel reading is such an important skill among today’s children?

Reading makes everything better. It increases empathy and improves all educational outcomes. Language is a superpower we share with everyone in the world. Learn what you can do with it; be amazed by it. It makes connections in the brain and fires up those synapses that are waiting to be put to work. Reading can make you ask big questions and it will find you the answers, even though it might be a long journey. Most of all, reading is a lifelong source of joy. 

Which books would you most recommend this Christmas?

All books from Alligator’s Mouth! However, if we have to choose only a trio of Christmas winners, they are…
The Tree That's Meant to Be by Yuval Zommer 
Bound to be a family favourite to read again every year.
Britannica Children's Encyclopedia edited by Christopher Lloyd  
Packed with accessible facts that will have all ages turning the pages.
Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright! An Animal Poem for Every Day of the Year edited by Fiona Waters Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
A book to start a life-long love of poetry.


Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?
Creative Writing” because it might help us each find that book that is supposed to be in there, somewhere...