11th Skill of Christmas: Technology

Technology. It’s everywhere. Phones, televisions, laptops, iPads, Alexas – even ‘smart’ fridges and electric cars!
The growing power of technology need not be cause for doom and gloom. Boosting efficiency, saving time and, ultimately, making our lives easier, tech can – and should – be a driver of good. The proficient, healthy use of technology is undeniably a growing life skill in the twenty-first century.
Introducing our 11th Skill of Christmas: TECHNOLOGY.
With reports such PWC’s Workforce of the Future, Pearson's Future Skills and World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs each including tech skills as pivotal to future career prospects, technology is without a doubt essential for expanding the career horizons of today’s children.
We therefore chatted to Joseph Yap – owner of the sensational, family-run QT Toys. Established over 30 years ago and named as one of London’s best independent toy shops by London Evening Standard and Time Out, it is a treasure trove of gifts to inspire robotics, electronics and other digital skills.
Joseph shares his top tips for boosting tech skills at home, helpful Christmas gift ideas - and why he’d would choose our very own children's Coding course

How can parents encourage tech skills in a fun way this Christmas?

I think one of the problems with technology nowadays is that many parents associate it with screen time. There has definitely been (and I personally am happy that it is so) a trend of trying to steer children towards non-screen activities. Luckily there are lots of ways to inspire tech skills – with no need for screen time. If children already have an interest in technology, engineering or science, I encourage parents to explore our science and robotics toys. A great way to sneak learning into play.

Alternatively, simple games where strategy and logic are involved can also boost tech skills. More often than not those are the things that drive technology forward.


Why do you feel technology is such an important skill among today’s children?

There's no denying that technology plays such a huge role in today's society. As such, denying any child the opportunity to interact with that technology is probably not the best thing in the world. It’s simply about getting the balance right – which can be hard! We've all read the studies exposing the negative behaviour that screen time can propagate. I for one am a big believer in limiting screen time on a daily basis, especially for younger children. However, introducing children to even such basics as the QWERTY keyboard from a young age can be beneficial. I don’t think anyone wants to be that person in the office who still types with their index fingers!

Tech skills are increasingly important in both the educational and the work environment. The pervasiveness of technology is everywhere. Even a place like a toy shop where we have to manage online orders and an online shopping platform require significant technological know-how. Giving your child the necessary, even if basic, skills is definitely a must in the twenty-first century.


Which Kings Tutors Club course would you choose this Christmas?

Definitely Coding.


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